Sunday, 27 July 2014

How to change your life with £10

Ok, so I do have a tendency to ever so slightly exaggerate about things but I am by no means being dramatic when I say that this blog post will change your life forever. Seriously.

This post is all about coconut oil and the wonderful little things you can do with it - things that will change your life. At only £10 a jar (some brands are a lot cheaper), this stuff is well worth the money. Granted that most of you reading will have already heard about this stuff to no end, I will skip the intro and go straight on to tell you about 4 amazing things you can do with coconut oil:

1.  Put it in your hair
We are all guilty of killing our hair with irons, blow dryers and endless amounts of dye -  and that’s without mention of the nasty little sulphates and parabens which make up our shampoos and conditioners. Coconut oil however can single handedly bring your hair back to life, one tablespoon at a time. I tend to smother my head and hair in coconut oil and sleep with a greasy old mop just once or twice a week, before washing it out the next morning. Coconut oil has a high content of lauric acid which means that doing this frequently will help to nourish damaged ends and strength the hair - leaving you one step closer to actually being Sienna Miller.

2. Put it on your face
It’s always annoying when you’re off somewhere for the night and you have to carry a separate bag just for lugging around your cleansers, eye makeup removers and moisturisers. Coconut oil acts as all three and will remove your makeup effortlessly, leaving your skin moisturised and glowy. Coconut oil as a beauty product is not only convenient but it also does a pretty good job too. You can rub it all over to remove your face and eye make-up, before washing it away with a warm muslin cloth which will gently exfoliate and draw out impurities. Then, if your face isn’t already glowing, you can apply coconut oil to the areas which tend to dry. It’s also good to tone with apple cider vinegar, particularly if you are prone to breakouts.    

3. Put it in your frying pan

Yep. Not only can you use coconut oil as a multi-purpose beauty product, you can also eat the stuff too. How’s that for value?
Everyone knows about the health issues surrounding eating fried food but thanks to coconut oil that doesn't mean that you can no longer eat it. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which are a whole lot better for you - so you can have your pancakes and eat them afterall.
What's more, you can also use coconut oil in baking. I bake a huge jar of granola, with coconut oil being one of the main ingredients, once every few weeks and it makes for the most amazing breakfast. In fact, it's so good that I now eat it for lunch and dinner too. You can find the recipe here.

4. Put it in your drink
You only have to look at Miranda Kerr to see that this stuff works. In her book, Treasure Yourself, she talks all about coconut oil and how she often pops a teaspoon in her green tea to nourish her self from the inside out. She claims that it helps maintain her shiny hair, glowing skin and to-die-for body. Well, if it's good enough for Miranda...

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

10 bad habits the human race should never give up

1. Eating in bed
There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of being tucked up in bed with a cup of tea in one hand and a mountain of toast in the other. Although sleeping on a bed sheet lined with crumbs and waking up with legs like like giant strips of breaded chicken is not the most pleasant of experiences, we can all definitely benefit from being super duper comfy whilst partaking in the most enjoyable experience of all: eating.                                              

2. Oversharing
It is true to say that we are now living in the age of oversharing. From angry Facebook statuses about our past relationships to tweets about our daily mishaps, heck, even snapchatting your latest bowel movement is apparently a thing now. Giving away too much online is a habit that has creeped upon us rapidly in the last few years. But over sharing is not necessarily a bad thing, despite endless mutterings of how 'no one cares about what you had for breakfast', it makes for great entertainment and when you look back in years to come atleast there will be some hard evidence to prove how much of an awful person you were.                                         

3. Spending longer than necessary in the shower
Sometimes, the mere thought of having to eventually get out of the shower is enough to put you off going in entirely. The sad disappointment of pressing the off button is often just too much to handle; that sort of sudden temperature change is in no way natural, therefore stubbornly delaying it and spending up to 45 minutes showering is perfectly acceptable. Not to mention the comfort that can be found in being drenched in warm water, sometimes it’s so easy forget that showers are designed to help keep us clean and not to act as a big hug when our friends aren't around. Long live the shower!                                                  

4. Drinking straight from the carton
Because sometimes, reaching into the cupboard for a measly little glass is just too much effort.                                                              

5. Skipping workouts
There are certain times in life when working out is the last thing you want to be doing, like when you eat three breakfasts and appear to be hoarding a cantaloupe under your vest. No matter how many times you designate workout days and swear you’ll stick to them, skipping workouts is inevitable. It might be good for you too, if you believe in following your instincts and all that. Who knows what might happen if you go ahead with that 5k jog? You could trip, fall and end up hurting yourself real bad. And we definitely wouldn't want that to happen.

6. Swearing
The great British swear word, what a wonderful tool to use! Use it at your own peril and try to avoid being TOO loud - you might gain some wary glances. But no one can deny the soothing, pain killing abilities of blurting out the F word after violently stubbing your big toe. There might even be scientific evidence to back it up, too.                                

7. Licking the spoon whilst baking
The only reason that you really wanted to help bake a cake aged 7 is now a recipe (get it?) for disaster, what with the risks of salmonella and what not. But if what you're baking is eggless, and no one else is around, licking the spoon is possibly the best thing about baking. In fact, they should even invent recipes that are the perfect amounts of sickly and sticky purely for our spoon licking past times. Watch this space.

8. The telephone voice
This is one we are all guilty of, whether it’s intentional or not. The telephone voice, albeit annoying and fake, is probably one of the best things to come out of technology. It allows us to sound friendly and engaged when really our faces look about as entertained as a sack of potatoes on market day. If you haven’t already mastered the art of telephone voicing then you probably sound like a mono-tonal robot. Get practicing.

9. The bullshit 'I'm on my way now' text
We've all done it. Your due to meet your best friend in 10 minutes but you're still at home deciding whether wearing a dress on a windy day is such a good idea after all. Your friend suddenly texts you 5 times to make sure that you're on your way and that you won’t leave her waiting (again), so you reply almost automatically with the infamous 'I'm on my way now' text - despite knowing that you won't be ready to leave for atleast another 15 minutes. But hey, your friend is probably still at home too, waiting to catch the end of This Morning.

10. Reading the final page of the book before reaching the second chapter 
Oh the joys of being impatient! Even if the initial two chapters reveal nothing about the plot ahead, reading the final page of the book is just as satisfying - and guilty - as number 7. And anyway, it’s always good to build yourself up for the death of main characters. That shit is painful.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

5 Reasons we should all take up cycling

Ok, so obvious health benefits aside, cycling can be a very enjoyable and time-worthy thing to do. Whether it’s a long-haul Sunday bike ride with friends and family or a quick Monday morning lap, here are 5 reasons why cycling might be just the thing you need:

1. It’s like exercising, but sitting down. For those lazy beans upon us, jogging and swimming as forms of cardio just won’t cut it. We need something that requires a little less effort, like lying horizontally and extending your arm in sets of 2, in exchange for a handful of popcorn. But apparently that’s not exercise, so cycling will have to do!

2. Helmet hair is cool
…sometimes. Just quickly browse through Suki Waterhouse’s Instagram photos and you will see exactly what I mean. If hats and helmets really aren’t your thing however, feel free to ditch the helmet and all sensibilities of health and safety - just don’t be linking this blogpost when you’re claiming for insurance after dramatically falling and breaking your head. It’s your choice.

3. It’s the only form of exercise where wearing sunglasses is not a problem. 
Avoiding the inevitable ‘I’ve got a fly in my eye!’ scenario and helping you retain a sense of cool, we can all ride our bikes with the notion that we look good. Just look at Brad Pitt!

4. Choose the right bike and the world is your oyster. Well, if carrying things (like flowers and bread) in a pretty little basket on the front of your bike is the world being your oyster, then this is how to do it. Think Anne Hathaway in the film One Day. Without the tragic ending, obvs.

5. It’s transport without the ecological backlash. We are all well aware of the perils of driving and the effect it can have on the environment, so cycling is an obvious choice of transport if we’re wanting things to change. You can also forget about hoarding coins for parking tickets, chaining your bike to a suitable post is free! You can’t argue with that.