Saturday, 19 July 2014

5 Reasons we should all take up cycling

Ok, so obvious health benefits aside, cycling can be a very enjoyable and time-worthy thing to do. Whether it’s a long-haul Sunday bike ride with friends and family or a quick Monday morning lap, here are 5 reasons why cycling might be just the thing you need:

1. It’s like exercising, but sitting down. For those lazy beans upon us, jogging and swimming as forms of cardio just won’t cut it. We need something that requires a little less effort, like lying horizontally and extending your arm in sets of 2, in exchange for a handful of popcorn. But apparently that’s not exercise, so cycling will have to do!

2. Helmet hair is cool
…sometimes. Just quickly browse through Suki Waterhouse’s Instagram photos and you will see exactly what I mean. If hats and helmets really aren’t your thing however, feel free to ditch the helmet and all sensibilities of health and safety - just don’t be linking this blogpost when you’re claiming for insurance after dramatically falling and breaking your head. It’s your choice.

3. It’s the only form of exercise where wearing sunglasses is not a problem. 
Avoiding the inevitable ‘I’ve got a fly in my eye!’ scenario and helping you retain a sense of cool, we can all ride our bikes with the notion that we look good. Just look at Brad Pitt!

4. Choose the right bike and the world is your oyster. Well, if carrying things (like flowers and bread) in a pretty little basket on the front of your bike is the world being your oyster, then this is how to do it. Think Anne Hathaway in the film One Day. Without the tragic ending, obvs.

5. It’s transport without the ecological backlash. We are all well aware of the perils of driving and the effect it can have on the environment, so cycling is an obvious choice of transport if we’re wanting things to change. You can also forget about hoarding coins for parking tickets, chaining your bike to a suitable post is free! You can’t argue with that.